Steps You Need To Take if You Want To Become a Famous Singer

Very few singers actually achieve fame and fortune, though most want it. Making a career out of your passion is achievable if you are willing to commit.

To become famous as a singer, you must completely dedicate yourself to your craft and put yourself out there. The steps to fame include talent, practice, dedication, and networking. There is no simple path to stardom.

Becoming the next Miley Cyrus won’t be easy. You can take steps to separate yourself from the competition and take you one step closer to fame.


To put it simply, you must good at what you do to join the elite. Many people argue that you don’t need the talent to become a famous singer or songwriter and are quick to point out mumble rappers as an example. Whether you like it or not, mumble rappers have perfected their craft.

You should perfect your voice. You need a unique sound paired with an innate talent to become famous. If your talent level isn’t quite there yet, then you’ll need to keep training.


To become a great shooter in the NBA, professionals recommend taking up to 500 practice shots per day. The same goes for singing. It would help if you constantly practiced your craft to master it. Set aside time every day to sing.

Not only are you required to train often, but you must rehearse at a high level. They say that practice makes permanent. It would help if you demanded a great teacher to make sure that you’re practicing at a professional level. It’s much more difficult to unlearn bad habits than to learn good habits. Join a choir or a singing group that will provide you constructive feedback and hold you accountable.


You need to go ‘all-in’ if you want to become famous. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there. It would help if you frequently auditioned to land a big gig. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land every gig. Remember, 12 publishers, denied even J.K. Rowling.

The dedication also means that you’ll have to sacrifice some of your personal life. You will have to miss big parties and nights out to practice and attend concerts. This has to be more than just a ‘phase’ for you. It would help if you made your singing career your top priority.


You’ve got to know someone to get an ‘in’ to the industry. You should constantly be networking with people within the music industry. Before and after each performance, make sure to network with everyone from the booking agent to the other vocalists. You never know who you will connect with that will lead you to your big break.

Lastly, you must send samples of your work to every record label, radio station, and television network that you can think of. Much like auditioning, you will be turned down constantly. Don’t get discouraged by this. Make sure to send high-quality samples. Remember, quality over quantity!

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