How To Find Out if You’re Really Good at Singing

Everyone sounds good singing in the shower, but how do you really know if you have the skill?

To find out if you’re a good singer, you need feedback from other music industry people. Recording and critiquing your own voice is one way to hear your own voice, but it’s hard to eliminate your own bias towards your sound. You’ll need to hunt down an experienced third party to be the judge for you.

As a vocalist, it’s hard to tell if I actually sound amazing or if it’s all in my head. Below are methods that I’ve used to cross-check my own bias and confirm that my voice is phenomenal.

Recording Yourself

Try recording yourself singing and playing it back to yourself. I recommend waiting a couple of days to cleanse your musical palate. After a few days go by, re-listen to your mp3. It’s helpful to use high-quality recording equipment such as a microphone. An old iPhone or your computer speaker might not capture your pitch as it was delivered.

Once you have a high-quality playback of yourself, please share it with a close friend that you are comfortable with and ask them to be completely honest. This may be awkward, but honest feedback from a close friend will help you improve as a vocalist. It’s a bonus if the friend is musically inclined as well.

A close friend’s honest feedback is valuable but not always sincere. Some companions may sugarcoat their feedback, which doesn’t help you at all. If you feel this is the case, find a third-party that is not close to you to critique your work. You can find someone to honestly comment on your work via a forum like Reddit or social media.

Keep in mind that uploading your recorded song may also distort the sound. The upload process might distort the quality, making it difficult for someone to judge. A playback should only be used as a starting point or if you are unable to attend a live audition.

 Live Auditions

There’s no better way to test out your singing voice than a live audition. If you are a church member, then it’s best to start at your local choir. Fellow choir members are likely musically inclined and will help identify if you sound terrible or not. Once you are a choir member, you’ll quickly find out if you’re assigned lead solo roles or not.

Depending on your style, you may want to audition for a band or an opera. If you notice that you are landing gigs left and right, you are likely a great vocalist. If you are frequently turned down, then you may not be.

Similar to recording yourself, try a mock audition with a third-party if you are comfortable. This could either be a friend, family member, or classmate. Universities or high school classrooms are a perfect place to locate a capable third party.

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